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Here are the results from our York University survey about the ongoing strike. Nearly 200 people filled out the survey. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association thanks those who participated and shared your stories with us.

We built a word cloud to demonstrate the most popular words used in the two short answer questions. See below for the results. You can also click here to see the list of the most popular words and frequency.

Have you been detained (liberty restricted)?
92.8% (180 responses) said no | 7.2% (14 responses said yes)

Have you been asked or your identification?
72.3% (138 responses) said no | 27.7% (53 responses) said yes

Have you felt intimidated or harassed by YorkU security official or by a private security officer?
44.6% said no (86 responses) | 55.4% said yes (107 responses)

Do you have any video or audio record of something disturbing?
83.8% said no (160 responses) | 16.2% said yes (31 responses)

Were you filmed without your consent?
32% said no (62 responses) | 68% said yes (132 responses)


Were you surveilled? Did you feel like evidence was being gathered about you?
31.8% said no (61 responses) | 68.2% said yes (131 responses)

Does this discourage you from participating in the strike or protest against York University?
60% said no (114 responses) | 40% said yes (76 responses)

Do you feel that the University is on your side?
84.3% said no (166 responses) | 15.7% said yes (31 responses)

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