Why make a bequest to CCLA?

CCLA is a stalwart defender of Canadian human rights to which you can entrust your legacy wishes.

We are a small but mighty team of dedicated lawyers and experts, committed to ensuring the maximum amount of funds received goes to programs that directly benefit all people living in Canada.  For nearly six decades we have had a proud tradition of operating with transparency to maintain the trust of our donors and partners, and we regularly undertake internal and external audits of our work.

Founded in 1964, CCLA is the only organization in Canada that is committed to upholding our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  When no one can, or will, effectively stand up to power to fight for Canadians’ rights and freedoms, we at CCLA get to work. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association puts up a hand to ask about minorities, the vulnerable and the powerless, and the fundamental freedoms needed for any democracy. We’ll go to court to fight for those rights, often alone — a David versus the Goliath of governments. However, CCLA might not exist today without the bequests left in its name, in the wills and estates of Canadians.

Your bequest will play critical role, helping with our planning for future program work. Being aware that a bequest will become available allows us to better plan long-term.

Your bequest may be unrestricted, directed toward CCLA’s core areas of work, or toward our Education Program.

When you make a bequest, a donation receipt is issued for your gift. Gifts may then be claimed in the year of death, thereby reducing the taxes payable upon death.

Benefits of making a bequest

  • You have the satisfaction of knowing that your legacy gift will support the fight for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians, today and for generations to come.
  • You may allocate a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or consider a residual bequest (see below).
  • A bequest produces a tax credit of up to 100 percent of your estate’s taxable income on your final income tax return.
  • If you leave property that has appreciated in value, such as stocks or real estate, your gift may be exempt from capital gains.

How to make a bequest

If you already have a will and would like to leave a gift to CCLA, there is no need to rewrite your will. All you need is a simple addition, called a codicil. A codicil is a testamentary document that amends your will and allows you to make a change while leaving the rest of the provisions as is. If you do not have a will, a decision to make a legacy gift to CCLA is a good opportunity to contact a lawyer and start the process.

Whether you are preparing a new will or a codicil, we advise you to discuss your wishes and intentions with an estates and trusts lawyer to determine a gift that is most beneficial to your particular and unique circumstances.

Types of bequests

  • Specific bequest: CCLA receives a stated sum of money, or specific property such as real estate, securities, or other items.
  • Contingent bequest: CCLA receives all or part of your estate if other named beneficiaries have died before you.
  • Residual bequest: CCLA receives all, or a percentage of the remainder, of your estate once other specific bequests have been fulfilled.
  • Trust remainder bequest: the named beneficiaries receive, for example, the income from a trust or the income and possible discretionary capital encroachments as established by the terms of your will. When the named beneficiaries die, all or part of what remains of the trust goes to CCLA, subject again to the terms of your will.

Sample wording for your bequest

I hereby devise and bequeath to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, 400-124 Merton Street, Toronto, ON, M4S 2Z2, (state share, percentage of estate, or specific amount). I direct this money to be used for the general purposes of the organization.

Charitable Registration Numbers

  • CCLA Charitable Registration Number: 754802288 RR0001
  • The Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust (CCLET) Charity Registration number: 10684 4384 RR0001

If you choose to include CCLA in your will, we thank you and ask that you kindly inform us of your generous consideration. Knowledge of your intent helps CCLA to plan for future programs.  Please contact our Annual Fund Manager, Michael Lowery, mlowery@ccla.org, (416) 646-1407.