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An overwhelming number of people and communities from across Canada have reached out to CCLA and our litigation partners to express their outrage against Bill 21 – a law that bans religious symbols for certain public sector workers in Quebec. The law has cost people their jobs and professions, and disproportionately harms women, those from minority religions, racialized people, and immigrant communities.

This outpouring of support demonstrates our shared values and commitment to equality, human rights, privacy, and liberty – including the freedom of every person to make their own life choices.

Our work to stop Bill 21 has been a long and hard battle, and it is far from over. CCLA and our partners have been fighting Bill 21 since it was passed into law. And we have been to court repeatedly since—to challenge the law, to seek a temporary suspension of its operation, and to file appeals.

This is a critical moment!  

The litigation and appeal process takes years, we still have a long road ahead. CCLA is committed to fighting Bill 21 to the end. We will continue our legal battle, our advocacy, our public engagement, and our education against this law. Please join us in our fight to stop this law that violates so many fundamental human rights.

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