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Religious Freedom and Equal Rights

Drawing the Line is a collaborative research report that examines current questions on the topic of religious freedom and its intersection with equality. The report first sets out a framework that guides the analysis before focusing on three specific areas: religious freedom and the rights of LGBT individuals, religious freedom and reproductive rights, and religious freedom as expressed in appearance. Through the examination of a sampling of key cases, the authors strive to articulate principles and recommendations that can guide advocates and policymakers towards a rights-based resolution of these debates.

Focus of the Report

This report examines the tensions between religious freedom and equal rights, including these specific topics:

  • Religious freedom and LGBT rights
  • Religious freedom and reproductive rights
  • Religious freedom and religious appearance
Drawing the Line: Tackling Tensions Between Religious Freedom and Equality
Who Produced the Report?

This report was produced by the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO), which comprises eleven international domestic human rights organisations. Each organisation is multi-issue, multi-constituency, domestic in focus, and independent of government. We advocate on behalf of all persons in our respective countries through a mix of litigation, legislative campaigning, public education, and grass-roots advocacy. These organisations have come together to advocate jointly for fundamental rights and freedoms. Learn more about the tensions between religious freedom and equality in the full report.

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